Feature Friday- Kara Gabriel


We have known the amazing Kara since our time at Western, and we are so grateful to call her both a friend and colleague. We are so proud of the work she does everyday, as well as her many accomplishments. Read what this hustler, and charitable soul has to say about being both amazed and confused…

What’s going well (amazing) in your life?

I am very lucky to be able to nod to a lot of amazing things that happened to me in the last year. Between upward changes in my professional life, expansions of my passion projects, a move to an amazing new building in the St. Lawrence Market area with my best friend, the discovery of a new gym that I enjoy, experiencing new things with my boyfriend, and seeing my friends and family excel in their passions - I must say that amazing things are all around me!

What’s not going well (confusing) in your life?

I definitely acknowledge the natural ebb & flow of life.  I know for a fact that we experience good periods and bad periods, neither of which will last forever.  Despite anticipating dips in life and in mood, I still find these "low" periods of time difficult to navigate.  As I get closer to my goals and expand my horizons, my schedule and my brain has also become inevitably busier. Every new accomplishment and life change is accompanied by new sets of challenges and problems.  A major challenge that I experience daily is being able to properly organize and balance the things that I want to have in my life.  I find that, without conscious effort, I struggle with prioritizing and saying "no" which leads to feeling burnt out and incapable.

What are you currently doing (job/hobbies)?

Professionally, I am a Marketing Analyst at CIBC Capital Markets, and a Market Lead for Toronto's Bumble team. Outside of this, I am a dancer - me and 3 amazing friends co-founded DUET Dance Company.  We are a for-charity dance company that provides performances and fundraising initiatives for charities in our communities!  I also love dropping in to different fitness classes around Toronto :) (Trust me. If the studio has an intro membership ... I have done it.)

What are your daily habits that help keep you sane?

I will openly admit that this is a work in progress! In 2019 I definitely want to learn some tools and techniques on how to better take care of myself! I like going to bed knowing that my lunch and gym clothes are prepared for the next day. Taking a quick look at my calendar to mentally prepare myself for the day/week helps me feel organized and prepared. Working out helps me unwind. Tea makes me feel warm and calm. While I don't do these things daily, I aim to more actively incorporate them into my daily routine.

How do you deal with the hard parts of life?

I owe a ton to my networks and to fitness for keeping me sane - as I dancer, I am lucky that I often get to kill these 2 birds with 1 stone. I am super fortunate to have a great group of people who support me, listen to me, and give me the tough love that I need when I'm feeling extra down.

Thanks for sharing Kara! Follow her here to keep up with this awesome chick <3