Feature Friday: Allan Wu!💪

Allan is our incredible friend that we met at Western University! He has an amazing energy about him, and we are so inspired by everything he does for others and with his career! 😀

Check out what he has to say below:

What’s going well (amazing) in your life?

  • Starting a new chapter in this city! Having the freedom to come back east and reconnect with friends who I met during my time at Western. It’s exciting seeing old friends, meanwhile building new relationships, and not to mention the abundance of opportunity to do cool sh*t here in Toronto 🔥.

What are some confusing moments you’ve had in your life up until now?

  • Haha. There seems to be a pattern here. At least for me, it’s in stages of my life, right before you level up. Back in 2012 when I moved from Vancouver to London, ON, there was a short period of a lost identity; from an athlete to… well, being a student at Western. In my final years, I felt well adapted and built up my confidence to be sociable and pursue passionate projects. After graduation, confusion came again when I was catapulted back to Van and straight into the professional world working at Equinox. Living at home again and changing my environment was a tough adjustment, acclimatizing brought lots of uncertainty until I found my stride. You can probably sense where I’m getting with this returning east to Toronto thing... that said, I’m getting the hang of this now 🤞.

What are you currently doing (job/hobbies)?

  • Career in health & fitness with Equinox & Myodetox. Recently I’ve been interested in understanding pop culture here in Toronto, from lifestyle to music (which shows out during personal and group training). Reading has also been a hobby for the past 3 years, and my love for basketball will be forever 🏀.

How do you deal with the hard parts of life? 

I believe it is ever-changing how we deal with tough times. Right now, it’s having perspective; that our mind magnifies present problems as a crisis. Will a wiser future version of me wish I beat myself up for the problem? (Will Smith has a good line saying ‘the world is trying to pull you down, and you’re going to kick yourself in the balls?’ 🤭) Or will he have wished I learned from the situation and saw the window as a growing opportunity? 🙏

Stay up to date with Allan through his instagram here!