We first met Alicia online, when she posted in a Facebook Group about Camp Fuel; An adult camp in Muskoka focused on fitness and traditional camp activities, that she created. We became ambassadors for Camp Fuel, and got to attend the amazing flagship weekend! During this weekend, we made incredible connections and friendships. Since then, we have kept in touch with Alicia in may ways such as attending her Day Camps in Toronto, or meeting up in the city. In addition to being the fearless leader of Camp Fuel, Alicia also spreads her passion for fitness, while teaching at Elle Fitness and Lagree studio in Toronto.


Read below to learn more about Alicia:

1) What is your vision with camp fuel and what has your journey been so far in creating this amazing community?

My vision is to create a huge community of likeminded people that love to be inclusive, open and build each other up. Sometimes going to the gym can be isolating, if you’re running alone on the treadmill or lifting weights with headphones in. There’s something really uplifting about group fitness classes and the way the energy in the room can change your energy. I love seeing people cheer each other on, give high fives and encourage one another. I know I feel more confident when I know people are supporting me, and I want everyone around me to feel that same way.  

3) What is going well/exciting you right now (aka making you amazed)?

The Camp Fuel community is growing because of all of the events that we have coming up. We are basically doing a weekly event now, which is really exciting. Just a few months ago I was fearful of doing local events, I have no idea why, but self doubt was holding me back. Now, we’re all having so much fun and I’m sad I held out for so long.

4) What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now (aka making you confused)?

The challenge I’m facing right now is brand awareness for Camp Fuel. I’m just outside of my first year of business, but it’s only been 7 months since our first Camp Fuel weekend.  I’m always looking for new ways to get people to find out about Camp Fuel and the awesome community surrounding it. Once people know and understand the positive vibes, they’re usually lifers excited to come back class after class.

5) What does a typical day in Alicia's shoes look like?

I’m usually up early and out the door teaching classes or training clients. Then I aim to get in a meditation session & workout of my own.

I’ll usually head home after that and work from home during the day on everything Camp Fuel related. That might be connecting with other people in the industry, dreaming up the future, booking locations for events and promoting whatever is coming up.  Then I usually head back out in the evenings for classes and clients. I may sneak in a little Netflix and then head to bed. It can get exhausting, so I try to make sure I do take some down time each week to refuel.

6) What is your biggest self care tip/piece of advice you'd like to offer?  

Schedule time for self care. I find that if I don’t have fitness classes or meditation sessions booked, I can often overlook them. I spend Sunday nights planning out my fitness sessions for the week. Once they’re planned and in the calendar, I’m sticking to them


We are so inspired by everything Alicia does, and her success so far! Kyra and I are both heading back to camp this year (June 7th-9th), and you should join us! :) You can save $250 if you register before March 15th! Fitness, Friends, Food- what more do you need ;)

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Learn more and register for upcoming Day Camps in Toronto here: https://www.campfuel.ca/daycamp

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