The Team

We’re Amazed & Confused 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️: A community built to connect individuals finding their way.

You know what we’re talking about 🙃... You feel amazed at the countless opportunities that surround you, yet confused by which path to take, or what to do next. Well, you’re not alone. 💕

Life is exciting at this age, yet can also feel incredibly daunting - we know. When will we land our dream job? Will we EVER know what we want to do?! Are we living a balanced and healthy lifestyle? How can we do it all? 🙌🏼

This page is here to help you conquer this stage of life. Together, we will share our journeys of creating our happiest life.

We are all a little amazed and confused, but let’s make the most of it. Join us!✨

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Sara Buckingham

I've always been a big dreamer (Pisces am I right?)... By day, I work 9 to 5 in the tech industry, as a Customer Success Manager. By night, I am Bumble Toronto’s Market lead, and I teach my own Barre Fitness classes. I love trying new dance and fitness classes in Toronto, as well as travelling the world. My biggest passions are wellness and women empowerment. Let's hustle and make our dreams come true together.




Kyra Mackenzie

My life is a little hectic but I love it.

I work as a Business Development Manager at a corporate wellness and engagement startup, I have 2 side hustles, and I also dance with a wonderful company.

Outside of work I love hanging with friends and family, attending events, drinking tea, hitting up the gym, and snuggling my pups.

I am so excited to meet every single one of you.

Love, Keeks.